The Oxford English Dictionary defines Mindsets as “established sets of attitudes held by someone.” This implies that every human, whether consciously or unconsciously, holds a sets of attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that shape their perspectives on life and determines how they approach their whole lifestyle.

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In order to achieve a certain goal, it is important that you have a premeditated intention of what it is that you seek to achieve, the steps you plan to take to achieve it, the timeframe and resources you would need to achieve it. People have different attitudes and beliefs about why an action is being taken, but with the right mindset, you can rest assured that you’re on your way up the ladder of success, Mindsets are what shape our goals and thoughts, feelings, or behaviours. They shape our entire perspective on life. Mindsets can be thought of as keys within us that unlock the potential existing within us. Different individuals react to unique events dependent on their perspectives, their mindsets.

Types of Mindsets:

  • • Fixed Mindset

  • • Growth Mindset

  • Fixed Mindset

People who have fixed mindsets believe that skills and situations are set and they do not need to change. They do not see why they need to develop their skills or acquire new ones. They believe that everything should stay the same way it has been. Growth Mindset People with a growth mindset are often seen aiming for development in terms of their skills. They are open to learning new skills and improving the ones they had before. If a person with a fixed mindset realizes the need for a change, they can change their mindsets to a growth mindset. You might think, “Well, what do mindsets have to do with weight loss?” Losing weight is always a difficult activity, especially when the persons involved have fixed mindsets (Burant, 2016). These people tend to see no reason as to why they should change their lifestyles or even lose weight. They sometimes make statements such as “Nobody is looking at me,” “I am comfortable in my own shape,” “I have given birth and I cannot go back to my old shape,” “I don’t have time to exercise,” “I cannot do without eating my native foods.”