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    ...10-Day Smoothie Plan

    After taking part in DnewMe ‘10-Day Smoothie Challenge’, I noticed a drastic improvement in my overall gut health. Prior to partaking in this challenge, I struggled with low energy levels, irregular bowel movements, unintentional weight gain and excessive bloating. However, alongside the aid of taking probiotics and attending the gym regularly with my accountability partner Benedicte, I was able to gradually solve this issue. I now weigh at 79kg and measure 78cm at the waist. My favourite recipe out of the 10 was the ‘Green Day Recipe’.


    The first 3 days starting the program was a bit difficult as the transition from eating proper full meals to drinking smoothies was obviously quite the change, but by the 5th day I found myself getting the hang of it and feeling better overall physically and mentally, and doing the program with my friend Grace helped me to stay on track as I knew I was doing it with someone else and we couldn’t let each other down. By the end, my stomach felt more clearer and emptier along with my face, and mixing the smoothie program with going to the gym helped a lot with that. At the end of the program I found myself to be 81.8kg and 93cm around my waist. My favourite smoothies were the Mixed Berry and the Oaty smoothie and I will be continuing to drink those regularly.